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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 20, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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>> eric: this is a fox news alert. right now you are looking live at capitol hill where a vote on the debt ceiling should happen tonight. stay with fox. we will bring you the results as soon as they're in. welcome to "the five." i'm eric bolling, alongside kimberly guilfoyle, bob becket, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. we have a lot of ground to cover today. like a brand new gallup poll showing that more than a third of americans think president obama along with congress are doing the worst job they have seen in their lifetime when it comes to dealing with the nation's problems. our right to bear arms is protected in the constitution. one democrat congressman is thankful for that. plus, story that really shocked all of us, registered sex offender, granted custody of his young daughter. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> eric: you know, being a hardcore conservative, i could easily just come out and bash
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obama for all his economic failures. instead, let's let steve wynn, a democrat and casino mogul talk obamanomics. >> i'm afraid to do anything in the current political environment in the united states. i'm saying it bluntly that this administration is the greatest wet blanket to business and progress and job creation in my lifetime. well, this is obama's deal. it's obama that is responsible for this fear in america. the guy keeps making speeches about redistribution, and maybe we ought to do something to businesses that don't invest or are holding too much money. you know, we haven't heard that kind of talk except from pure socialists. >> eric: all right, dana. dems jumping off the obama like rats off the titanic. >> dana: i wish steve wynn would tell us how he really feels and not hold back. if i were in the white house
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now i'd think ouch. i think if steve wynn had been replacing leaders with republicans, they're the wet blanket on the economy, i think bob's friends would have gone out to buy ads to run it to make sure they saw it. instead, what they've done today is throw one of the democratic supporters under the bus for saying what businesses have been saying behind closed doors. >> greg: now steve wynn knows how i feel when i go to vegas. i feel completely robbed. now it's nice the see him feel bad. but it's obama remorse. he was never an obama supporter. his wife is like when you buy poe pay toe chip -- potato chips and you open it up and it's just air. obama now, they realize nothing is there. >> eric: steve wynn is right. obamapomics may be socialist but it's not capitalism and it's certainly not working.
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>> bob: really? [ laughter ] that is a surprise coming from you. i'm only going to say this. i know steve wynn. he hires a lot of lobbyists in washington, d.c., including frank farenkoff to gum up the works to keep casinos with tax breaks and everything advantage they can get. what steve wynn says i could care less. >> dana: rooms in vegas. >> greg: what does it mean? >> kimberly: i like that he is being transparent. he describes himself as democratic businessman, straightforward. but if you are worth $2.3 billion, you can say whatever is on your mind. >> bob: you talk about an oxymoron, steve wynn straightforward. >> dana: he said a magazine rated him as the 512th most rich person in the world. that's like being the tallest pygmy. >> eric: what you have to understand he's talking about businesses. we have 14.1 million people
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out of work because businesses are not hiring. they are not hiring for exactly the reason that steve wynn points out. they don't know what taxes look like going forward or healthcare looks like going forward. >> dana: i disagree. they have been passive aggressive. they're smart. you can't make a business hire someone. if they're uncertain they -- >> eric: what are they uncertain about? >> dana: to your point but they're not pushing back enough in some ways the policy makers need to hear from more people like steve wynn or others, even behind closed doors, and not something we foe on fox, but they need to hear it. >> greg: this guy is a big harry reid supporters. this is what happens when a democrat gets a taste of the liberal idea. it's okay to vote for it and then it starts affecting you. then all of a sudden he talks about fear of regulation, fear of healthcare cost, poor of redistribution. he's no longer a harry reid supporter, he is a tea party. >> kimberly: see how the transformation occurs?
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>> eric: we put together. look at the top three recipient of the casino political campaign contribution. you're 100% right, my friend. senator reid, number one. $300,000. that is well above the number two. all three of them, kim, -- what is the name? >> kimberly: that is why the comments he is making are so credible. he is sumone who supported the democrats and he has the courage to say listen, i don't think that obama is doing the right job here. he said he would in fact hire, he wants to hire but he is prohibited from doing so by the administration and by the obama policy that he finds too much ambiguity. >> bob: i'm not laughing at you. i'm laughing at eric. let me just say -- >> eric: read the numbers, bob. >> bob: can i give you political intelligence here. both of the two recipients are from nevada. now that is surprising, because they're the big gambling supporters and they
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are his senator. the third one -- >> why you are talk put the numbers up. >> bob: the appropriations chairman. each one of these, head of the appropriation committee and the two senators from the home state. now that is a big surprise. >> eric: wow, bob. >> bob: he gives his money to those people. >> eric: look at the difference. $304,000, $184,000, $126,000 and it drops from there. >> bob: of course it does! you made the point harry reid -- >> eric: reid benefiting from -- >> greg: the real story here is obama was supposed to be different. it turns out he's not. he is just another grad student with anti-capitalist tendencies. now you are hearing it for democrats. one thing i'm interested about his wife is really pro-obama. this has to be a great dinner tonight at home when he comes home from work. what are they going to talk about this she doesn't have to deal with the consequences, because she is married to a billionaire. she doesn't have to worry about the economic problems or rise in unemployment. >> honey, pass the american express black card.
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>> bob: steve wynn, this is the first step of going where the wind is blowing politically. steve wynn is not a democratic. he is a democrat if democrats are in the white house. if republican is elected he will be a republican. >> eric: he is blasting obama. what are you saying? >> bob: he's betting like you that obama won't be re-elected and he's wrong and you're wrong. >> dana: he is not alone there are other people behind closed doors saying the same thing. >> eric: absolutely. >> dana: from a political stand point, nevada is one of the states that can go either way in a presidential election. it's just three electoral votes. president obama and his team are counting every one of the heads and they know they have to win nevada. i think it's in play for the republicans. >> bob: it is in play for the republicans. the other thing is if you look at the d traditional democratic business givers, they have gone the other way and obama won't have the same support he had.
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they're businessmen and hedging their bets. >> greg: they're scared. >> bob: they're not scared. they are going where they think the money is. >> eric: they are scared do you see what happened today? one investor service, credit agency downgraded, almost downgraded, put five u.s. states on credit watch. five american states on credit watch today. >> bob: if it was up to you or the tea party, the entire country would be on credit watch. >> eric: it could be that way soon. >> bob: how about the territories? throw them in, too. >> dana: people are making a connection from president obama's policies to the economy not growing. the problem is they might not blame obama for the financial crisis. it still goes for the president i worked for, president bush, but the connection about wait a minute, he said it would be better, they're not getting better. that is what this steve wynn comment speaks to, i think. >> kimberly: i agree. it's telling. >> eric: bob, last word. fair and balanced. >> bob: i say i understand given the situation why people are hedging their bets and moving away from obama right
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now but there is still another year to go. i guarantee you, somebody who is a republican and they have to be looked at as a potential president i think you will see movement the other way. >> eric: or obamanomics, epic fail. either one. coming up, dems invoking the name of my hero, ronald reagan. dy they really just go there? bill clinton adds his two cents to the debate saying he would apply the 14th amendment. bill, who asked you? "the five" will be right back. service was very moving, wasn't it?
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♪ ♪ >> bob: where did that music come from? sorry, i didn't know. go back to elvis. we have been talking about the debt ceiling crisis every day on "the five." greg is particularly excited about that. >> greg: you know it! >> bob: as we speak, the house is debating on what to do. neither side coming to a full agreement. former president bill clinton has chimed in, saying president obama should cite the 14th amendment. if he has to, bypass congress altogether and raise the debt ceiling on his own. i agree. >> greg: i don't. >> bob: oh, really? >> eric: i'm still, i've been reading this over and
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over and over again. and i'm still trying to figure out how the 14th amendment applies. >> bob: maintain the credit of the united states. but you know who else believes raising the debt creeling is ronald reagan. can we have the ad run now by the democrats quoting reagan? >> kimberly: i love now they compare him to -- >> greg: he's dead. >> eric: ronald reagan had sense, as george bush to raise the deficit without anarchists trying to stop it. bring this up and listen to your hero. >> congress consistently brings the america to essential of default before brink of responsibility. it threatens those rely on social security and veteran benefit. interest rates would skyrocket. instability would occur in financial markets and the federal deficit would soar. the united states has a special responsibility to itself and the world to meet its obligations. it means we have a well-earned reputation for reliability and
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credibility. two things that set us apart from much of the world. >> eric: go get, bob! >> greg: that was impersonator. that was not ronald reagan. >> bob: that was suck cinct. >> dana: what would help democrats is show humility and show that president obama as senator wrote a letter to president bush explaining why he thought it was a dereliction of duty to raise the debt limit. >> bob: he did? >> dana: it's hard to swallow the testimony coming from the white house and running an ad with ronald reagan. >> bob: obama owned up to that, he was playing politics. >> dana: he didn't own up to it. >> bob: he did. he was playing politics. mo of the people on the owe side when the president is in the white house -- >> dana: right but why don't they admit it and do something constructive. >> bob: i just did. >> dana: they should. >> kimberly: we call it hypocrisy. he is blaming everything else.
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he is blaming the bush administration for all of his economic woes. >> bob: what he said is what you said. social security check, the interest rates will go up. >> kimberly: ronald reagan didn't have the idea -- [ overtalk ] >> eric: it's disingenuous for the d.n.c. to use ronald reagan as the poster boy or the hero. the smaller government, he was for lowering texass. pro-business sector. >> bob: did you agree what what he said? >> dana: you have the tape. >> bob: i'm breaking my rules. did you agree with your hero or not? >> eric: that's like saying a rapt that see, bob is a republican. >> bob: did you agree with your hero or not? >> eric: she is my hero. >> bob: that's all i'll say. >> greg: debt ceiling debate is a woody allen film. it never ends, all talk no, action. at the end you want to shoot yourself in the face. >> kimberly: want to see
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"midnight in paris"? >> greg: absolutely. after work. i disagree with what reagan said. great president but i disagree. the debt ceiling debate is different from what it was in the past. light now is a spasm of self-preservation, you are seeing a government fighting for more food when we should be starving it to death. that is the problem. let me finish. the federal job, the study came out and saw you are more likely to die than to lose your job. >> kimberly: can you believe that study? >> greg: this is why the debt ceiling debate is important. >> dana: federal government employee, very specific. one thing i remember back to when i just left, come to washington. right after the 9/11 attacks. i was at the justice department. we would walk by this woman every day. she would come in, in the morning. a civil servant and sign in on her computer, send a couple e-mails and be gone for a while. come back a pew hours later and then she was gone again. i remember one time the person in charge of the political part of that office said what does that person do? nobody could really answer. you just get on with it. one day this political person
2:18 am
was at macy's, shopping, and behind the makeup counter, working the second job was the civil servant. it was hard to fire them. kili totall >> kimberly: totally believe it. >> bob: the mcconnell plan started and now harry reid is with him, will probably be the vehicle use to raise the debt. they will probably pass constitutional amendment in the house, not in the senate. it's a dead issue. so they will go with the reid-mcconnell idea to give the president the option to raise the debt. that is probably the final deal. >> eric: for true conservatives is a derelict of duty and rollover by republicans. >> greg: i understand. >> kimberly: it's probably the eventual outcome because they have to come together to make a decision but nevertheless will it serve the country long-term with the financial woes, the debt crisis, out-of-control spending. it's abdocation of leadership. >> dana: we have the gang of
2:19 am
six. rep the folks? tom coburn left the gang of six and now he is coming back and wants to be constructive. one thing that is a problem in the country is the primary system. what happens is there is a poll today, "usa today" today saying two-third of the people want washington to compromise. the problem is two-third of the people aren't the ones calling of their congressional office there is two type of people that call. people who say don't you dare cave. other people who say you better not cave to the republicans. so that is what happens. you are playing to your base only in the primary system. so you have senator hedge who has to take a hard line to win primary in utah. wholesale reform is needed. >> bob: another poll that case "usa today" says people think that congress cares more about the own re-election than dealing with the deficit. gee, you think? >> eric: can we point out ronald reagan one more time, since you want to throw him under the bus vehemently.
2:20 am
at the time, he was looking for a debt increase around 20% of our economy. 20% of our economy. mr. obama is sitting on 100% in debt of the economy looking to be 200% over the next eight to ten years. vastly different economic scenario. >> bob: i am worried about you. >> greg: i want to go to the poll. >> bob: we have to get out of here. exsuze me for a second. coming up on "the five," these robbers were barking up the wrong tree. find out the hero that saved the day. we show you the entire surveillance video next. later, we will tell you why some of the favorite scandalous superstars are back in the news when "the five" continues.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." i decided to have guns in the house. those were the simple words of
2:25 am
iowa congressman leonard boswell after fending off an armed intruder in his house. his wife, daughter and grandson were about to hit the sack late saturday when the thug broke in attacking his daughter. the wiley 77-year-old tried to stop him but it was boswell's drandson's loaded shotgun that caused the punc to flee in the opposite direction. if there is one thing you learn from a shotgun, you never one at one. publicizing tales like these do nothing but good, for they remind the common thug of a key life-or-death question. what house would you rob if you could? one in which the owner is armed? or not? it poses a question to everyone else, if you are the victim, would you rather be armed or not? me, i don't bant to depend on the kindness of strangers. i prefer to depend on the accuracy of my shot. of course, the biggest gun control advocates will disagree but they all work in well-protected media networks surrounded by well-train and well-armed security.
2:26 am
you have don't. guns are a conservative libertarian way of privatizing safety. it's also the best way to keep good people free and bad people scared. speaking of bad people, kimberly, should all women be armed since basically they are at a disadvantage with male attackers? i bet you are armed. >> kimberly: right now? >> greg: yes. >> kimberly: yes. i believe it. i gone to the gun range and shot with guys from the swat team as a prosecutor, handled gun cases and i see what happens. i'm telling you there is a big difference in the cases where you see someone was armed in a house, able to protect themselves. that's why i like this story here. i don't see any problem whatsoever with people being able to have guns in their home or people being able to carry concealed, as long as they have gun education, responsibility. they go and know how to properly use a weapon. >> bob: they have a right to have a gun to protect themselveses in the house. they should have the right. but in the last ten years, over 1600 children died in homes where guns were not
2:27 am
protected in their own homes. there weren't 1600 burglars killed in the last ten years. the idea that somehow this is a good idea and when children are dying, all i can say is if they have nothing else to do, go to the -- >> greg: bob, nobody wants children to die by guns or by car accidents, nobody wants them to die. that is a cheap way -- >> bob: throw people who don't lock their guns up in jail. >> greg: i don't know about that. but there is more evidence of people preventing robberies when they don't die. almost all prevented robberies there is no death involved. >> bob: i just pointed out 1600 -- >> greg: you don't know how many lives are saved. >> how many kids die in a car as greg points out? should we ban cars, too? >> bob: if you can bring figures to show me there were 1,500 burglars -- >> eric: according to john locke. >> greg: 2.3 million instances where guns are used in self-defense successfully. that's a lot.
2:28 am
he is a gun advocate. you don't like guns. he likes guns. >> bob: i don't have a problem with guns but if you have them in your house you ought to lock them up so the kids can't get them. >> greg: no one is arguing with that. >> bob: you are arguing saying if they don't do that, they should be arrested and thrown in jail for minimum of a year to have guns taken away this them and learn a lesson and children won't die. >> greg: people who own guns usually know what they are doing. it's sad with a tragedy but you paint them as reckless. >> kimberly: knowing how to hand a weapon and use it properly. everyone wants the weapons properly secured. i agree. they learn a lesson when the child dies. it's terrible. >> bob: did you prosecute somebody for not locking guns up at home? >> kimberly: i did not have that case come before me but i prosecuted murder and rapists and people with home invasion and shot children in front of their parents. >> bob: you can argue leave your gun around to shoot each
2:29 am
other is murder. >> greg: or argue leaving keys out to take a car is against the law. >> kimberly: or beer in the fridge. >> greg: if you leave your keys out on the car and a kid take askar, same thing. >> bob: different from a car or gun loaded. >> eric: the congressman from iowa, did he become republican congressman? >> kimberly: no. but he is a hero. >> dana: what about the chihuahua case? >> greg: you want to talk about that? >> dana: if you can't have a gun, have a chihuahua. >> greg: this happened in a smoke shop in l.a. a guy, robbery attempt and the guys came to rob the place. check it out. who fought back? >> kimberly: i love that! [ barking ] >> greg: that is great! here we go. here we go. [ barking ] this is it. bob, i have to ask you, should we lock up the dog now? should we lock up the dog? >> bob: we ought to have the national rifle association to
2:30 am
pay for a chihuahua in everybody's house. the hand gun out of there and put chihuahuas in there and be better off. >> kimberly: they're dangerous. put them in a lock box. >> bob: they're not going to kill them. if you would own one of them. >> kimberly: i love them. >> greg: they were were terrifid of it. >> bob: they're rats. >> kimberly: they're not. they're dogs. i a dog. >> dana: i love my dog. i know that he, even though i don't think he would hurt a fly, there are enough people that are sketchy -- that's henry. that is when he was six weeks old is that the cutest thing you've ever seen? that was in england. now he's 13 and lays on the bed. >> greg: in england does he have an accent? daps he barks with a scott -- >> dana: he barks with a scottish accent. >> eric: we'll pull my out later. freedom. good boy. a good boy. >> bob: what kind of dog is that?
2:31 am
>> eric: a rescue dog she the most loving dog on the planet. >> greg: is that sofa leopard? zebra? zebra print sofa. what goes on in your house, eric? >> kimberly: i a little dog. baby kujo. >> bob: one of the little things. if you put my dog up, i'd appreciate it. that's right. it's stuffed. sorry. >> greg: a terrible man. a terrible man. >> bob: no. >> greg: we're moving on. coming up, charlie sheen headed to anger management. and you thought the target sex scandal was over? not so much. that's next on "the five." @@
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i got an egg a candy necklace an orange a band-aid a stamp helium i got a mustache [pop] lipstick
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♪ >> kimberly: welcome back to "the five" in the legal roundup today we have a particularly disturbing case to talk about. a registered sex offender that was granted soul custody of his 3-year-old daughter. you ask how could something like this happen? we'll give you the background. a florida judge awarded custody to a registered sex offender. this is a lifetime registration commitment. he was convicted of having sex with the child's mother when she was just 14 years of age and he was 38 years old at the time. the child was living with the grand mother. the mother died in a car accident after the little girl was one month old. the grand mother had custody. now the father is coming back to challenge it. the interesting thing, greg, we talked about it earlier, this father filed for divorce from the mother because he said the child isn't his and
2:47 am
he cheated on -- she cheated on him. how do you explain? >> greg: i cannot. aside from the child there are not a lot of redeeming qualities for anybody in this story. the fact he was convicted of statutory rain an rain and -- sy rape and then married her. he had statutory rain sex with the woman he married. >> married again. >> the grand mother gave permission for her 14-year-old daughter to marry this man because she was pregnant. >> greg: no other options for this child no other options for child to go. >> kimberly: but the problem is, what bothers me i think the judge could have investigated this more. i don't understand what the reasoning is for the judge to give this man custody. he hasn't had the little girl for three years she has been uprooted from the only family she knows and forced to live with a registered sex offender in
2:48 am
georgia. >> dana: you would love to hear the judge's side of the story. i feel for the little girl. why do all the stories come from florida? >> kimberly: great point. bob? >> bob: spend time and you can understand that. let me say this. >> greg: i don't know what that means. >> eric: i love florida. >> bob: i'm not going to talk about sex today as all. >> eric: i love florida. >> bob: as i was told. i will say i can't believe this happened but after looking at a picture of the judge, let me put hit the way. she was a candidate, not elected. i'm assuming she is appointed. going to the previous story about looks there you go. >> eric: can we point one thing -- dap when he was convicd of statutory rape, 38 years old dating 14 years old.
2:49 am
the little girl is -- as disgusting as this sounds he may look at the little girl the way he looked at his ex-wife. >> kimberly: there is hope because they can overturn this. it is being appealed. the legal justification so people understand this, he is the presumptive father, he was married to the mother at the time. so under the law, the judge did a straight determination, legally speaking, he has -- >> eric: i thought the law said sex offenders could forget to take control of kids. >> bob: they couldn't get near kids. >> kimberly: they have to undo it. the judge should -- >> bob: at a minimum. cast ration is a thought -- cast ratiocastration is a thoug. >> we talked about the guy married to the 16-year-old girl. >> greg: that is a different age difference, a larger age difference than this one. >> kimberly: we have to go to bob. >> greg: okay.
2:50 am
>> kimberly: this is so bad. >> bob: i can't. i can't. please. >> kimberly: not talking about it -- >> bob: drop that woman on a street corner and let greg take her for a swim. i'm not going to say anything else. i can't stand this story. >> kimberly: the saga continues because taken off in a private plane, nobody knows where she is. now a juror saying they regret ever agreeing to serve as be on this case because of the aftermath of what happened. >> dana: it's not your choice. it's not like you get to choose i want this one and not that one. if you get called to jury service it's your duty as a citizen. you show up. if you are chosen to be serve on the jury you don't have a choice. civic duty. >> greg: i was called to a jury. >> kimberly: you got out of it. >> greg: they asked what i did for a living and i said i work for fox news. they all went ahhh. >> dana: the most conservative hard cover book you have and carry it with the title out. so that everybody looks at it.
2:51 am
>> greg: i wanted to do it. i never done jury duty. i was excited and i was let down. he told me i would be too combative and i wouldn't be open-minded because i work -- work -- >> kimberly: where did he get that idea? >> eric: jurors should be allowed to profit after they are involved in a big case like that? >> bob: she is going to take money. >> kimberly: i don't think so. the idea is fair and impartial jury. nevertheless, they could decide outcome of a case based on financial -- >> eric: absolutely. more outrageous outcome, maybe the more, i guess, money they can raise. >> bob: she may be sorry she did the job but she won't be sorry when she gets a check from the network. >> kimberly: good point. coming up, growing outrage over bill maher latest offensive rant. he is at it again. why does he still have a job? we have been asking ourselves this. michael vick's dog advocacy heads to capitol hill. the top stories you're
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>> eric: welcome back to "the five." now the top stories you're following on fox file this one under the category really? convicted dog fighting ring leader michael vick was on capitol hill today, throwing support behind -- wait for it -- anti-dog fighting legislation. dana, vick suddenly loves dogs. what is going on? >> dana: i remember a couple months back i guest host "fox and friends" and i interviewed the head of the humane society. he has written a book called "the bond." in that day he talked about how michael vick is joining up with the humane society to go around the school and talk about the importance of treating animals well and not doing dog fighting. i said do you believe him? he said look, he is sincere
2:57 am
and reformed. i to say, if that is true, then i think it's good. why not go to the schools. >> eric: any reform? >> kimberly: i the same experience at a dinner with wayne. i work with the u.s. humane society and they testified in my dog mauling case where we had the owners held responsible for the second degree murder charge. i think in this case, though, michael vick to me, i still can't get past what he did and what he allowed and he has gotten away with this because he is a celebrity and amazing football player. >> bob: he may be trying to rehab himself, and one who went through five rehabs myself, sometimes it takes longer for some. but him testifying on dog fighting is having charlie sheen go up and ask for more funding for mental health. it doesn't make -- what? >> eric: that works. [ laughter ] >> bob: sorry, somebody is yelling at me. >> greg: if you believe in redemption, is it possible? i don't know. what is a guy going to do? if he is trying to do something good and he believes it, i can't get that worked up about it.
2:58 am
i mean, yeah -- what he did was horrible. we get that now. he is trying to change his life. >> kimberly: go back in the neighborhood where he might reach people who thinks it's okay. >> dana: remember last week on one of our few shows youd a votecated for excons to get -- advocated for excons to get a special class to get a home. why can't michael vick reform? >> bob: it's fine. it's just hard for me to believe. >> greg: p.r. move. >> eric: we have to move on. michael vick will "on the record" tonight with greta van susteren so tune in at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here. can we take a minute and talk about the disgusting comments bill maher made on the show last week? greg, help me out. hbo hasn't taken action. but is he hiding behind a comedian label? >> greg: if he were a comedian, maybe. but you know what? comedians are allowed to say whatever they want. that is their job. that is their job. its just i wish he would spread it out a little and go
2:59 am
after some of the other people in the political spectrum. i would never tell him to stop what he is doing. at times he can be funny. >> eric: bob? >> bob: i think he should join charlie sheen on the mental health deal. >> eric: cut him some slack. >> bob: do not equate him with other liberals. he has gone way over the line. i find it disgracement. >> kimberly: why is he still on hbo? he gets away with everything. teflon liberal. >> dana: the reason that charlie sheen is getting another show through lion's gate and called "anger management." maybe a show bill maher should try. >> kimberly: he is a misogynist. >> greg: he is. i said it yesterday. that is the role to take the risks, what he doesn't take other risks. >> bob: what is a misogynist? >> eric: we will talk about it another time. that is it for "the five." thank you for watching "the five." see you


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